Good Morning

Lets get started

Our healthy corner:

  1. different sorts of muesli (bio) and cereals
  2. different sorts of Joghurt/Quark and Birchermuesli
  3. sojamilk and lactosefree milk

Our bread corner

  1. different sorts of buns and bread
  2. crispbread
  3. croissants and plunder
  4. gluten free buns

Cold cuts corner

  1. different sorts of cold cuts and cheese


  1. smoked salmon
  2. herring salad
  3. smoked fillet of mackerel

Salads and vegetables

  1. Eggsalad
  2. chickensalad
  3. salad of cold cut
  4. Tomatoes, cucumbers, cornichons
Please order a vegan breakfast at least 1 day in advance at the reception. 

Sweet corner

  1. cake
  2. jam
  3. chocolatespread
  4. honey

Salty corner

  1. sausages
  2. ham
  3. scrambled eggs
  4. eggs, omeletts and fried eggs (on request)


  1. coffee
  2. cappuccino, Latte, espresso
  3. teabuffet
  4. hot chocolate
  5. a varity of juices
  6. water
  7. juice of Tomatoes
  8. prosecco

Late Riser are welcome

We do offer our breakfastbuffet on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 07:00-11:30 a.m. For our hotelguests, the breakfast is included in the roomrate

As a café guest you can enjoy our breakfastbuffet Mondays-Fridays from 06:00-10:00 am at a rate of only 18€ per person. We kindly ask you to book your table in advance.



We do offer a big breakfast break for companys or private celebrations. For groups of 15 Persons and more you can book our breakfastbuffet Mondays-Fridays from 06:00-10:00 a.m. in one of our separate rooms.

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